StatPort is built on a strong Master Data Management Framework and Service Oriented Architecture with Big Data backend with IoT / Edge integration to deliver Statistical Process Control, Analytics & Automation and Smart Factory outcomes. StatPort delivers Production Monitoring – OLE / OEE, Enterprise Wide Quality Control, Digital Audits, Preventive & Predictive Maintenance.

We have delivered Digital Transformation to 23+ locations all over India across different sub segments of manufacturing with a fast growing footprint of 35 million data points each year.

Advanced Analytics Strategies

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StatPort Modules

We deliver specialised modules to match different manufacturing functions from machining, process manufacturing, assembly, audit and visual inspections.

  • StatPort Edge
  • StatPort Server
  • StatPort Apps
  • StatPort Smart TV
  • Assembly Lines
  • Visual Inspection
  • Paperless Audit
  • Line Effectiveness
  • Edge Adapters

StatPort Edge

StatPort Edge works at the shop floor integrating data from machines, controllers, sensors and measurement systems to relay the data to the cloud or on premises servers.

StatPort Server

Powered by time tested statistical models, Stat Port translates data streams in real time to actionable insights and foresights, delivers visuals, alerts and reports to you anywhere.

StatPort Apps

Power packed functionality from Stat Port capsuled into a mobile or tablet app delivering enterprise mobility. Stay informed on the move with ‘One Touch Dashboards.

StatPort Smart TV

Loaded on an Android TV, Stat Port morphes into a powerful scorecard that keeps your shopfloor informed and motivated – A product that is popular with our customer’s customers!

Assembly Lines

Our specialised apps for assembly lines make it easy to capture defects, enable targeted communication and track corrective actions. In addition, these modules have built in statistical modules to handle attribute and ordinal data sets.

Visual Inspection

For Paint, Welding and finishing shops, we offer specialised ‘touch’ interfaces to capture defects in a visual medium. Defects are visually located and layered with severity and data is renderred as heat map.

Paperless Audit

Our audit platform and app accelerates your transition to digital and paperless. Build audit pillars, check sheets, check points with support for continuous, attribute and ordinal data. Automate audit schedules, track coverage, NCs and scores.

Line Effectiveness

Our platforms integrate seamlessly with live data streams from PLC and machine sensors. Our analytics algorithm powered with Big Data capabilities bring in valuable insights for Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE, preventive maintenance and more.

Edge Adapters

We have plugins to bring data from PLC, SCADA, ERP, Digital Gages, CMM, Bar code, QR code, RFID, Biometrics, ASCII, CSV, Vision systems and more. We work continuously to expand our support for new data streams.

Advanced Analytics Strategies

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