Industry 4.0 Capabilities

StatPort acquires and translates vast amounts of data across locations, data sources and departments to give you actionable insights in real time. These insights enable to create bottom line impact.


Data in paper, blocks transparent view of operations and delays decisions. Start the journey by replacing paper with Apps.


Material movement across Work Centres has to be routed based on outcomes and sequences. Our Expert Systems enforce best practices and save effort.

Statistical Control

Analytics based on time tested statistical models give you actionable insights. We have all the popular data models for industrial applications.

Digital Work Centre

With our IoT interface boxes, we give you real time status of your machines and work centres. Availability, Productivity Production Count, Alarms at your fingertips.

Digital Factory

Expand beyond machine monitoring to transparent – real time view of your entire value stream. Evolve from equipment effectiveness to line effectiveness and throughput.


Be it in production or, after market know the exact position of a job with the Traceability Search Engine. Scan a barcode and get all the details within seconds.

Smart Quality

As industries pursue excellence, there is an explosion of parameters for quality control. With Telemetry and Expert Systems, you can transform from inspection to assurance.


Working with renowned practitioners of TQM & TPM, we bring best practices like Daily Works Management, CAPA, Andon Alerts, Loss Resolution and more.

Industry 4.0 Use Cases


IoT – Machine Monitoring

Shopfloors comprise of different generations of machines with varying digital capabilities. With our IoT interface box and StatPort, you can bring I2.0 and I3.0 machines along with your latest I4.0. The outcome – real time and reliable view of availability, productivity and production count. With StatPort and D-App you can get a transparent view of your Digital Work Centers wherever you are.


External Events

Value streams have old generation and state of the art machines working side by side. Often, old generation machines are not capable of delivering the data points needed to meet your Digital Transformation objectives. Where machines fall short, StatPort can interface with users and collect data from External Events. These could pertain to job type, customer, raw material grade, tool ID and more. These External Events are closely knit with the internal events, the data we get from machines. You get a holistic picture of your operations.


Overall Line Effectiveness

Does your OEE score translate to actual throughput and revenue recognition? Does your Finance reflect the efficiencies you show with OEE – Probably not. The real deal is the movement of material, without bottleneck and zero defects, from incoming material to the end of the line. StatPort, with its holistic approach can give you Overall Line Effectiveness. OLE means efficient cost control and real outcomes.


Process Monitoring with PLC

PLC – SCADA systems bring in highly reliable data, in vast volumes. Such data streams can be read and understood by trained users, near the operation. StatPort can consume the rapid streams of data from your PLC systems, distil through the volumes and give you essential, significant and actionable insights. Process Monitoring with StatPort is a must, especially for those with multiple locations and 24/7 operations.



Investing in Best-in-Class measurement systems to meet customer expectations, is only the first good step. You now need to ensure that observations and evidence of quality are created in line with Control Plan. You also need a system of monitoring to identify abnormalities and abnormal statistical patterns. With StatPort you can integrate with measurement systems and translate data feeds into statistical process control in real time. Combined with Daily Works Management, Activity Management and CAPA modules you are ready to establish your capabilities to your customers, at any time.


Visual – Touch Systems for QC

QC inspections in on fabrication, project-based manufacturing and assembly lines are contrastingly different from component manufacturing lines. StatPort presents Visual – Touch based inspection systems where traditional checklists will not suffice. These systems present a visual depiction of the job under inspection, users touch the visual to bring up a list of possible defects and select those that apply. In terms of analytics these defects are grouped in Heat Maps helping you identify operations that are driving defects.


One Line – Many Products

Fluid lines, short batches, rapid changeovers are becoming the norm in the industry. Each production line is re-configuring to support different types of products – when the value stream is constantly changing, the data stream becomes dynamic. Your Industry 4.0 strategy should ensure responsive and elastic systems that can work with varying data streams. As an organically built product, StatPort delivers just that.


Andon Systems

Andon is a Japanese word that roughly translates to ‘Lantern’, hence the popular concept of Andon Lights. The Andon, conceptually, are calls made from the work centers to alert the supervisors about potential or actual causes of production losses. StatPort transforms these time-tested practices by raising Andon calls for cycle time losses, queue times, fault alarms, inventory shortages, and any other calls from the operations. In addition, StatPort delivers Andon calls to targeted functions, monitor mean time to respond and drive productivity.


Gauge Rooms

StatPort A & M is a product for gauge rooms with specialized features and data models for R & R study, Measurement Systems Analysis along with workflow for calibration and service management. The product is available as standalone, network and hosted with apps and dashboards. The maintenance module enables digitalization of preventive and breakdown maintenance with dashboards for assets with MTTR and MTBF.


Implementation Methodology

Conference Room Pilot

The right start point if you already have ‘islands of data’ from the different functions or stages in your shopfloor. We can bring up the data in StatPort and present data logs, analytics, monitoring methods, dashboards and look at 2 – 3 important outcomes. Rapid prototyping is a significant early stage gain for you because we are product based.

Floor Trials

With the early wins and lessons learned from the conference room pilot, we should meet real world challenges of the shop floor. It is essential to bring in IoT interfaces and bring about IT – OT convergence. In addition to mitigating for risks, this is a great technique to extract the right requirements.

Go for scale

Armed with confidence of real world outcomes, it is now time to look at scale. Involvement of leadership to drive change management at this stage is vital for success. Industry 4.0 is a social activity – when all stakeholders are onboard with the objectives, the team delivers winners.