“Our requirements were unique as a foundry, heat treatment and machining shop delivering 1000+ components. As a Tier 1 Export Oriented Unit with Aeronautical aspirations we had very specific expectations from our Digital Transformation. Specifically building the initial framework across all our stages of manufacturing for large number of components was quite challenging. PQSI Digital […]

“PQSI Digital’s approach and cost efficiencies gave us the confidence to go for Digital Transformation simultaneously across all our locations. In the fabrications space, data volumes are high and the need for visual inspections were very well met by their mobile apps. We are now completing inspections of large components within 2 minutes on an […]

“As an SME we were apprehensive about Digital Transformation, especially about investments in this uncertain climate. PQSI Digital supported us with a monthly subscription model that cost much less than a full time resource and gave us the same quality of a large enterprise. We have a cellular manufacturing model and our value stream needs […]

“StatPort has accelerated the Statistical Process Control journey and continued to deliver success with excellent upgrades and support during the pandemic. We are definitely considering pan India implementations”

“StatPort is at the heart of our migration to BS VI standards, we have made significant investments in manufacturing infrastructure, specifically in fixtures. StatPort helps us with live monitoring across a multitude of digital sources and gives us statistical validation of our improved capabilities”

“We are amazed that we could complete implementation of StatPort entirely online given lockdown and restrictions around the pandemic. With StatPort we have Workflow Automation and Remote Monitoring that saves 2500 management hours in addition to driving our Line Effectiveness month on month – we are confident of recovering 10x of our investments in Digital […]