Occurrence, Detection and Problem Solving occur over Space & Time – forming an imaginary triangle. Problems – to be detected and to be solved – can be abnormalities, defects, material losses, incur production losses, miss out delivery timelines, pertain to compliances or lead to downtime.
The triangle feeds on problems, nourishes on distances and time and, it grows. The triangle represents the zone that burns your budgets & effort.

It is, also, the Opportunity to Transform.

StatPort Collapses this triangle with Early Detection & Actionable Insights, making it easier for stakeholders to come together on a ‘Common Language’.

Digital Transformation is Collapsing the Triangle in Space & Time. As a result, Problem Solving & Continuous improvements become Impactful & Sustainable. Sustained Problem Solving & Continuous Improvements deliver PROFITS

Industry 4.0, also known as the 4th Industrial Revolution, is the integration of digital technologies to create an ‘intelligent’ system.

The objective is to promote connected manufacturing through Digital Convergence of: Industrial systems, Workforce & Processes.

Industry 4.0 is the ‘coming together’ of existing and new systems in your value stream.
It is also the integration of locations, stages, departments and functions.

In this era of global opportunities, with stringent focus on capabilities and competitiveness, CEOs expect manufacturing functions to speak the language of the customer.

It possible for different functions with different systems, data structures and KPIs to be in sync?
How can we come together and use ‘a common language’ without losing individual focus?

The core of any Industry 4.0 initiative, is the technology to create convergence across Information Technology (IT) and perations Technology (OT). It is based on Mechatronics and Cybernetics leading to a Cyber Physical Interface.

Technology First – is a key reason for failure in Digital Transformation. It should be Business First – Choose your goals before you start your Industry 4.0 journey and focus on the outcomes.
Pictogram shows the impact of Digital Transformation: Streamlining of Data Collection, Reduced effort in Data Management, to get Real Time & Reliable Insights from data.
Impact on Problem Solving: Improved Focus & Sustainable Outcomes.

Manufacturing companies have been and, continue to make significant investments in Digital Technologies yet, derive very little returns from data. Every action on the shop floor creates data, creating an ever-growing need, to derive actionable insights and, to deliver tangible outcomes.
StatPort, a product for Industrial Digital Transformation, with core strengths in IT – OT convergence, builds a holistic picture, enables early detection and resolution of problems, to deliver sustainable bottom-line impact.

Industry 4.0 Trends

  • The focus is on demonstrable capabilities of Indian manufacturing
  • Increased awareness of Industry 4.0 and IIoT
  • Advent of Expert Systems to replace subjective monitoring and human oversight
  • Traditional IT services and import substitution is paving the way for ‘holistic’ products