StatPort from PQSI Digital has been featured among the Top 10 Solutions for Manufacturing by ERP Insights Magazine, in their Industry 4.0 Special Edition for 2020 – 21.

Excerpts from the ERP Insights Feature:

Industry 4.0 – Digital Transformation has been a predominant theme for many years and, the pandemic has made business leaders accelerate their digital transformation plans. PQSI Digital is a specialist in Industrial Digital Transformation and boasts some of the best names in Indian manufacturing as users for their product.

StatPort from PQSI Digital accumulates data from manufacturing processes including hand held measurement systems, air electronic gages, CMM, scanners, sensors, data loggers, MT Connect adapters, OPC UC adapters, welding machines, and conveyors into Big Data archives. StatPort’s efficiency in working with different edge sources, data structures and capabilities in dealing with data quality and intermittent internet connectivity without depending on proprietary software or cloud costs has made it a solution of choice for manufacturing companies.

StatPort is developed 100 percent on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which in turn is based on a fully configurable master data management (MDM) framework. This makes it possible for StatPort to mirror varying processes and data structures with ease. StatPort also has a configurable suite of apps for inspection, audit, production monitoring, condition monitoring, quality control, calibration management and workflow approvals. These apps derive automatically from the master data framework and accelerate roll out, deliver ROIs early and break even in the first year of transformation.

Unlike many popular Industry 4.0 products and solutions that focus on specific data sets or specific theme, StatPort works with a multitude of data structures and delivers analytics, monitoring capabilities, KPIs and dashboards that are in line with the management thinking and culture of each customer. Also, unlike popular offerings, we do not burden our customers with user licenses and cloud costs.

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